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Julie’s Latest

Julie’s most recent thing that she is learning is how to eat with utensils.  I got this sweet little video of her during dinner tonight.

I’m so grateful that on days I’m not feeling my best, and it’s felt like a long week already, that this little girl’s giggle brings me so much joy.  I am beyond grateful for this little gift from God!

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Julie’s First Steps!

Julie took her first steps on her own the other day, and I caught them on video!  It’s a very exciting development in her life, and ours too!  Now that she’s figured it out, she’s been getting up and walking a few times a day since this occurred.

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Here are some of the latest videos of our little girl.  She is growing and changing right before our eyes!

Here’s her crawling for one of the first times.

The race is on… will Julie reach her bottle first?

Julie is quite entertained by Daddy’s juggling.  Watch to the end for a “grand finale”.