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Family Weekend Getaway Part 4: Cannon Beach

Driving home from our weekend getaway, we drove up the coast.  We were looking forward to taking Julie to the ocean for the first time.  We weren’t sure where we were going to stop, but just planned to stop when Julie woke up from her nap in the car.  We ended up stopping at Cannon Beach, where we had never been.

IMG_3850 (1) IMG_3903

It was a beautiful day, and warm at the beach.  Brandon and I enjoyed walking in the sand an the waves.  Julie, however, clung to us, and did not want to be put down.  She did not like the sand on her feet, and kept trying to wipe it off.  Brandon picked up some sand in his hand, and she touched it, but, we weren’t about to build a sandcastle.  Julie also didn’t like having her feet put in the water, although that was better received than the sand.

IMG_3855 IMG_3892

So, we didn’t have a long trip on the beach, and we’ll need to try again, to let Julie warm up to the beach experience.  It was a beautiful day at Cannon Beach, and a great way to end our weekend.



After all of the fun memories made, all that was left was to drive home.  We went over the beautiful Astoria bridge, and up the coast towards home.  We had a wonderful mini family vacation.  Can’t wait until we can get out of our routine and make some special memories again!

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