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Family Weekend Getaway Part 3: Tillamook

We woke up Sunday morning and packed up everything from our hotel room.  We then enjoyed our delicious continental breakfast before checking out.  Then we hopped in the car to go see the Tillamook cheese factory!


We had a great tour of the cheese factory.  It was neat to read some of the history of the Tillamook Bay area, and how Tillamook became the company it is today.  Watching the cheese go through the factory was fascinating, between seeing the large vats for storing the milk, and watching the large blocks of cheese go along the conveyer belt being cut down to size and packaged.


We enjoyed our delicious cheese samples.  Julie’s very favorite is the extra sharp white cheddar.  We got some squeaky cheese curds and milk chocolate fudge for the road.  Then Brandon and I each got a scoop of Tillamook ice cream.  We felt a little silly eating ice cream at about 10 AM, but it was a rich and delicious special treat.


The cheese factory was very interesting, and a mouth watering experience.   We look forward coming back again!

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