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Family Weekend Getaway Part 2: Portland

After our nice hike around Mt. St. Helens we drove down to Portland, where Brandon’s cousins graciously hosted us.  We went out for a delicious Mexican meal, and were introduced to Salt & Straw for an indulgent ice cream treat.  Julie was very intrigued by all the toys in the playroom at the house.  When getting her ready for bed, I asked where the bathroom was so we could brush her teeth. At hearing the words “It’s through the playroom” Julie tried to push her way past me, ran  into the wall and fell down.  After such a full day, Julie had a wonderful night’s sleep.  Brandon and I were able to enjoy the beautiful evening on the porch, chatting with our cousins.  It was very relaxing and fun to catch up.

The next morning we had a delicious breakfast at Jim and Patty’s.  Brandon nearly completed the “Freight Train” breakfast.  Afterward, we walked to church and enjoyed some time of worship.  We kept Julie with us, instead of putting her in a new Sunday School.  She thoroughly enjoyed clapping and dancing during worship!!  She also enjoyed climbing up and down the stairs, and playing with some toys in the children’s check in area.


After church we got all packed up into the car again. Julie was given a few stuffed animals friends and other gifts from her cousins.  Those little boys are quite generous and kind to “Baby Julie” as they called her.  We then went to pick up Aaron, and have lunch with him.  We had a delicious meal at Dick’s Kitchen.  Julie, however was not a fan of their homemade pickles, where as I was tempted to eat the slice that she threw on the floor.  Nom, nom, nom, that place is good!  At lunch we got to hear some more details about Aaron’s mission trip, and what God is doing in his life.  It was very encouraging, and we’re so glad we got to see him while he’s there.  You can read more about Aaron’s summer activities here:

After lunch it was 3:00 PM, so we decided to head on to our next stop, and have a relaxing evening at our hotel.  It was a beautiful scenic drive out to Tillamook.  Driving on Sunday, it was nice to be going the opposite direction of all the traffic.  I don’t think I’d ever seen so many campers and RVs in  my life, as they drove past us from their weekend.  We were glad to have Monday off.


We checked into our hotel, jumped on the bed and explored the room a bit.  Julie really liked turning the tv on and off, and on again.  We had dinner at the hotel restaurant, and then it was time for bath and bed.  But, Julie did not like that we put her in her bed to sleep and then continued to be in the room and awake.  Despite her being very tired, she stayed away in her pack and play until we were all ready for bed, so baby girl had a late night.

Our phones didn’t have service in Tillamook, so we felt being pretty relaxed, like a real vacation, being off grid for a few hours.  We all had a nice, relaxing night’s sleep in our hotel.

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