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Nehemiah Chapter One

The year was 1994 and I was 10 years old. My brother and sister – Aaron and Andrea –  (4 years old at the time) can attest to the fact that I used to hold “church” at home from time to time. One of my sermons was captured on our Fisher-Price tape cassette recorder. The long lost tape has been found and has been digitized. It contains a seven minute sermon on Nehemiah chapter 1 and three long minutes of worship music where you can clearly hear that it was never my calling to be a worship leader.

God used my own sermon to wake me out of funk in my early twenties. Even with Pastor Mark Driscoll yelling at me week after week, God used the realization that a 10 year-old Brandon was more fired up for Jesus than the twenty-something year old Brandon was. I am so grateful that we serve a patient God and so grateful that Jesus saved me as a young kid, so that the Holy Spirit could later use that young kid to remind me of Jesus’ grace in my life.


Sinner. Saint. Husband. Father. Engineer. Manager.

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