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Life with Julie Lately


Julie is constantly amazing me by how she grows and changes every day.  She is such a sweet, happy baby, and I’m so blessed to be her mama.  She is amazing at sleeping through the night.  She really surprised us at how quickly she started sleeping through the night consistently.  She has been thoroughly spoiling her parents with a full night sleep for a while now.  And, as if that weren’t enough, when she wakes up she has a giant grin on her face, and is sometimes giggling first thing in the morning.  I have a pretty fantastic start to my days!


She can roll from her tummy onto her back, and now can roll from her back onto either side.  Now when we lay her down she’ll swing her legs around and lift them up, until she works her way around to having her head where her feet were.  She babbles a lot, and make all sorts of noises.  She’s ticklish on her underarms and the bottoms of her feet, and sometimes when she laughs really hard she’ll snort.  Julie thinks her daddy is the funniest person on the planet!  On nice days I’ll take Julie for long walks in the stroller, for which she stays awake the entire time.  She and I have explored our neighborhood and discovered a couple nearby parks.  She’s at such a fun age, starting to really like to play with toys and interact with me more than ever before.  She loves when I read or sing to her, and she’ll kick and wiggle and talk because she gets so excited.  She has such a sweet personality, and I can’t wait to see her continue to develop and become her own person.  There have been many hard days as a new mama, but I feel like we’re in a wonderful season right now, getting to enjoy our happy, beautiful little girl.  Julie is such a blessing and a joy, and I’m so grateful that she came into our life.

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