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January Hospital Adventure

Many thanks to all of you who have been praying for our family during this little adventure. I apologize for the sporadic Facebook updates and random text messages. Things are a little crazy around here. I will give a recap of the events thus far and will post any updates or needs we may have on this page going forward. So here we go:

Thursday – Saturday
Stephanie was complaining of a “bruised tailbone” – we have all had that feeling and it is no fun. She was a little slow getting up and down, but was fine overall.

9pm Saturday evening
Steph was still hurting pretty good with this “bruised tailbone”, but then she noticed a discharge where nothing should be discharging from in her low low back. She said “I think you should take me to the hospital” and thus far when she has said that it was a wise decision, so we packed up Julie and went to Overlake Hospital Emergency.

10:30pm Saturday evening
We are triaged at Overlake. Steph’s vitals looked pretty good. No fever, blood pressure was ok. We are still thinking something is bruised.

10:45ish Saturday evening
There are a couple of “chest pain” patients get some priority (understandably so). The triage nurse comes out to check on Steph who at this point has started to shake a bit. She pulls her back in to check vitals and finds a fever and low blood pressure. We now get expedited to a room.

11:00pm Saturday evening – 5:00am Sunday morning
We have a crazy night in the ER. They closely monitor Steph and get the fever to drop. Julie is awesome and sleeps through most of the night. I was able to feed her a few times with formula that we brought with us. I also successfully change my first diaper in a public restroom.

At this point Steph has pain, low blood pressure and a high white cell count – she is fighting something.

Our night in the ER will require a post all of it own…

7:00am Sunday morning
We are all settled in our room in “5 South” and I decided to run home with Julie to restock our supplies and take a breather.

8:30am Sunday morning
Steph is wheeled off for a CT scan as they want to look at the infection and ensure that the source is external and not internal. Results show that it appears to be external.

10:00am Sunday morning
We meet with the surgeon Dr. Reinke (he removed Steph’s gall bladder). He looks at it and decides we he will clean up the infection the best we can without going into full surgery. That is scheduled for sometime later in the evening.

5:00pm Sunday evening
A PICC is installed for Steph to get IV’s flowing faster for her. She is still hurting, blood pressure is still low and white count is high. We play the waiting game now as they continue the antibiotics. Also, we watched the Seahawks beat the Redskin’s, so in Julie’s world they remain undefeated! Go Hawks!

Thank you to all of our visitors and all of you who have offered assistance. Most of all thank you for your prayers. We serve a great God and He has taught us so much through these trials. We trust His plan and are very thankful for His strength and provision through this.

Plan moving forward (as of 9:00pm Sunday night)
I plan on staying overnight at Overlake with Julie. We are very comfortable and Julie has been a rockstar. She is pretty famous here on 5 South as we make our rounds in the bassinet.

I will update this post as our plan, Steph’s status and other info changes.



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5 thoughts on “January Hospital Adventure

  1. Brandon – take good care of both of them…I haven’t seen Stephanie in a few years but she is my niece and I love her…sounds like Julie has the staff wrapped around her finger…prayers continue for all of you…
    Aunt Liz

  2. Praise God you went in to Overlake when you did. Thanks for posting updates! We are here to help and serve you however you want and need.

  3. We have been thinking about all of you since we got your first text message yesterday and I’m glad to hear that Steph is feeling a bit better. You are a rock, Brandon and Julie is amazing… we love you all and will continue to pray for Steph’s fast recovery.

  4. So glad to see she is doing better. Take care and give her our love…prayers for a quick recovery continue!

  5. Thanks, Brandon. Praying for a full, quick recovery for Steph and a well-deserved restful week for all 3 of you.

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