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End of the year recaps are so hard. I am not even going to try to hit everything or even do a month by month review. I will just hit a few items as I think of them. Hopefully we can be a bit better at posting through-out the year, but no promises. Ok, here we go:

We have been a part of a community group for a few years now, but in February we were able to start our own. We started in our small one bedroom apartment with about five people and quickly out grew our space. We now meet at the home of three single guys who very graciously host about 20-25 people every Thursday evening. I could say more, but it deserves its own post…

Mars Hill Church
Stephanie and I continue to serve at Mars Hill Church Downtown Bellevue. You can usually find us in the Mars Hill Kids area. In April we were honored to be installed as deacons. Summer had us making a couple trips down south to help plant Mars Hill Portland. They officially launch January 15th. In October the Bellevue church relocated to the John Danz Theater in Downtown Bellevue. Things have exploded and I am continually humbled to be part of God’s amazing work at MH BEL.

My Grandma Pat Kasowski and Grandma Shirley Schoenberger both went to see Jesus this year. It was a tearful and joyful reminder that life is short and only one thing matters. I am eternally grateful for their legacy. They both loved Jesus and it showed. I am glad that I will see them again. The party is going to be awesome.

Maximus Onesimus
Our furry friend was evicted from our apartment complex (under false accusations I might add). We took a road trip to Boise and he stayed behind with my family. He has a nice backyard, a couch cushion to sit on and a lot of attention, so he seems to be doing quite well.

Steph and I celebrated two years of marriage on October 10th. We were able to head down to SoCal and enjoyed some great family time, sunshine, beach and In-N-Out Burgers. We are continually grateful that God brought us together. We have been reading Real Marriage in preparation for the upcoming sermon series at Mars Hill and we can’t put a higher recommendation on the book.

Looking ahead
We are both really excited to see what is in store for twenty-twelve – I am sure it is going to be awesome. For now, you can head over to the About page and find links to our Twitter and Facebook profiles as we are pretty good at wasting time posting over there. Happy New Year!

A minor note: I had some technical difficulties that lost the first awesome draft of this post. This was my quick rewrite this morning on the bus. Excuse the grammatical abomination.


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