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Stephanie’s Status


On Tuesday Steph started having some headaches that she thought were related to some medication changes that were made (and that may still have been the case). On Thursday evening she started a fever that went along with a bad headache. She stayed home from work on Friday to rest. The fever came and went throughout the weekend. Sunday night she started having a shortness of breath and I decided we needed to go to the ER.

We went to the ER at Overlake Hospital around 11pm. The whole staff was amazing and did they best they could to make us both comfortable and figure out what was going on. She had a high heart rate, low oxygen, bloating a nasty headache. They suspected pneumonia or a possible blood clot in the lungs, but all of the blood work, x-rays and a CT scan came back clear. The admitted us to the hospital around 5:15 Monday morning for observation.

They had her on oxygen and an IV from the moment that we got to the ER. They continued to monitor her oxygen levels with supplemental oxygen and without. She had fevers come and go with medication. They decided she should stay Monday night.

Monday night was up and down with fevers and breathing difficulties. Steph had three breathing treatments during the night and early morning and they really helped open up her lungs. She has been breathing very well now without oxygen. Her oxygen levels have been stable during her shower and a long walk this morning.

The fever has gone down considerably, but they tell us they may come and go as she fights off the viral infection from home. Her breathing and oxygen levels are the most important thing and those are looking great. We are about to go on another walk and we will be discharged shortly after. I will post updates here throughout the day and as she progresses. Thank you all for your prayers!

Update on August 31, 2010 by Brandon Schoenberger
We are home! Steph is doing great and we are now home. We picked up Max from the Vet and he was happy to be home as well. Now we just need time to rest and recover. I’m sure you will see her around Facebook soon. Thank you all for your support!

Update on September 1, 2010 by Brandon Schoenberger
Steph did pretty well through the night. She only had to get up a few times and slept really well.

She is fighting another fever this morning, but the meds should kick in soon to battle it out. A big thank you to Aunt Laurie for bringing by homemade soup yesterday. We look forward to enjoying it throughout the day.

I told Steph she will feel 50x better just being able to watch Steve Jobs at the live Apple event that is to take place at 10am – she said I was “crazy”. We’ll see.

PS – Happy Birthday Carly and Emily!

Update on September 2, 2010 by Brandon Schoenberger
Fevers are still coming and going. Not too high though. They seem to be coming down a bit. She has just been “uncomfortable” quite a bit due to the temperature swings. She has been able to sleep quite a bit and that is encouraging. She has spent a majority of today sleeping. She is taking a shower now and that makes her feel about 10x better just in itself. We are going to visit the doctor tomorrow for a checkup.

Steph’s mom was stopped by earlier today and gave some helpful tips for keeping Steph comfortable and reducing her fevers. Thanks to all of you who have given or offered prayers and support. We appreciate everything!

Update on September 14, 2010 by Brandon Schoenberger
Steph is doing much better. We have been fever free for about four days now. She is still very tired. We go back to the doctors office on Friday to see some results of a few more tests. Still nothing definitive, but it is good to see progress. Next update will be on Friday morning.

Update on September 20, 2010 by Brandon Schoenberger
Well, we finally received an answer: Infectious mononucleosis also known as Mono. Steph has been feeling much better and went back to work today. I will let her post from here on out. Thank you all for your prayers!


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