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Memorial Day Weekend

The sun decided to show up for the three day weekend and I enjoyed every minute of it. Stephanie and I had a pretty full weekend and it was great.

We went to the Mariners vs Giants game on Friday night which was very exciting. The M’s won it in the 12th inning as Jose Lopez belted one off the manual scoreboard right below our seats! This is the second game we have been to where Lopez has had the game winning hit. We are now three for three in Mariner game attendance to wins. Amazing considering past years…

Saturday was a nice relaxing day. Steph and I had a nice brunch at the Family Pancake House and then went back to my place to go over our pre-marriage class homework. We watched For Love of the Game and just had a nice relaxing evening to ourselves.

Sunday was a beautiful day as well. We went to Fred Meyer and bought new swim suits and sandals for the summer and then went to hang out with Stephanie’s dad’s family. We went to Coulon Park in Renton and enjoyed Kidd Valley burgers the size of a small country. Stephanie’s six year-old step-nephew Zach is in town and we had a blast playing at the park and then swim back at the apartment complex. We finished off the day with the 5pm Mars Hill Bellevue service and our preparing for marriage class.

Monday morning meant a quick trip to pick up my mom, dad and sister (Katie) at the airport to surprise the rest of the family for Memorial Day. Aaron and Andrea were already in town and Nicole decided to stay home in Boise and watch the dog. Most of the family came over to Grandma Pat’s house for a big BBQ. We played volleyball and enjoyed a nice walk down to the lake. It was great to spend such a beautiful day outside with family.

Steph’s roommate Brenda hosted a dessert potluck Monday evening and I was able to enjoy time with friends and goodies for a couple of hours before being called into work to take care of a leaky ice machine.

Overall it was an amazing long weekend with some amazing Washington weather – a rare combo.


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